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Having successfully concluded its management buy out in June 2019, ITS is now a fully independent professional trustee firm, embarking on an exciting growth plan with the intention of doubling in size between 2020 and 2025.

All our Shareholders work in the business and we have the flexibility you would expect from a small and friendly company but aligned to a proven track record of success over the last 30 years. We see all the current trends in our market, increased professionalism, diversity and consolidation as opportunities to grasp and grow our business.

Our ambition can only be achieved by finding like-minded people wishing to develop the next stage of their career as Professional Trustees, widen their governance experience and become the new generation of Professional Trustees. To that end, we are always keen to talk to exceptional candidates. Perhaps you are:

  • Keen to develop the next stage of your career as a Professional Trustee
  • A sole practitioner Professional Trustee wanting to benefit from the collaborative ethos and support infrastructure offered by a leading Professional Trustee services firm
  • Interested in what you can bring to enhance our Trustee Governance Office team
  • Wanting to explore opportunities within our central services area in office administration, sales or marketing.

To embark on an independent professional trustee career with us, please contact Rachel Croft



After working in employee benefit consulting firms and within a large in-house team, in 2020 I looked for a new perspective in pensions. I wanted to continue to use my experience in managing pension schemes and delivering complex projects, as both an independent professional trustee and a pensions governance expert.

As independent trustee to over 160 pensions schemes and with a specialised team providing governance support through its Trustee Governance Office (TGO), ITS has provided the opportunity for me to expand my career into both trusteeship and scheme governance.

But the most compelling reason for joining ITS was the opportunity to work within a team of like-minded pensions professionals. The culture throughout ITS is based on professionalism, pragmatism, team-work and integrity. This culture shines through every aspect of ITS; from the induction process for new joiners, decision-making through the 2 director model used for all schemes, and even to the super chocolate treats delivered by the ITS Easter Bunny during lockdown.

Sarah Horan – Director


For me life is most interesting when I am learning something new; it’s what I love about being a Dad to my two children, it’s why I have two completely different hobbies (reading and kickboxing) and it’s the reason that during my career I have always sought roles that give me the opportunity to learn.

Before I joined ITS I asked myself some questions; Are there people here I can learn from? Will I get the opportunity to learn new skills? And most important of all, if I take this job will I learn something about myself? I was able to answer “Yes” to all three, and one happy year since starting I still can.

Michael Derrig, Trust Officer


Deciding to change your job at any time is a difficult decision, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. However it has already proved to be the right one with fantastic virtual support from new colleagues from day one to help me feel part of this vibrant, forward-thinking and client-centric company.

Participating in a wide range of projects to help deliver better outcomes for our clients has already proved rewarding and I’m excited to be on board for the journey as ITS continues to grow.

Ian Wilson – Trust Officer


When I was searching for the next step in my career, I was looking for a company that had a clear vision for its future. I wanted an organisation that encouraged everyone to develop their skills and knowledge and where I felt I could contribute towards the company’s growth and success. I have found exactly that with ITS.

On a personal note, everyone at ITS has been welcoming and supportive and helped me become part of the ITS family. I feel I have worked with all of them for a long time despite never having actually met most of them in person due to COVID 19. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with a great team who ensure the best possible outcomes for clients and staff alike.


Louise Grindley – Head of Professional Operations