In many ways this is our core business – helping with the business as usual challenges of governance, funding and investment. The majority of schemes are closed to accrual and as such have been passed from the HR Director’s in tray to that of the FD.

In all these schemes our first priority is to understand what the sponsor wants to achieve for their scheme and then work with them to develop a strategy for achieving it. In many cases this may involve risk or liability management.

However, there are also a range of other challenges that present themselves to a trustee board including a retiring Chair, the need to rebuild and repair relationships within the board or between the trustee and the sponsor.

Many trustee boards also look for assistance from a professional trustee to mentor lay trustees within the board, agree long term objectives, assist with adviser reviews, challenge covenant reviews or to offer specialist expertise in investment strategy and/or the transition to a fiduciary or delegated investment model.


To find out more about ongoing trusteeship, speak to Mark Evans or see our Case Studies.


Many FDs dream of being able to remove pension liabilities from their balance sheets by entering the ultimate safe haven of a buy-out.

This is a large piece of project management of which we have wide experience as well as undertaking the investment decision of a buy-in. These are some of the largest transactions seen in the UK but we have also entered transactions for some of the smallest schemes.

Indeed, we have expertise in all forms of de-risking and have excellent relationships with the main insurers and fully understand all the preparatory work that is required for such exercises.


To find our more about our Risk Transfer expertise, speak to Chris Martin or see our Case Studies.


ITS help Mercer launch DB master trust as scheme pressures grow

24.4.21  |  News and Views

Mercer has launched a defined benefit (DB) master trust in a bid to offer a “best-in-class solution” that recognises the shrinking universe.

Helping with the challenges of running a DB Scheme – Repairing and Rebuilding Relationships

27.3.20  |  Case Studies

A media company was experiencing difficult trading conditions, in a highly geared business with advertising revenues reducing. Due to the difficult trading conditions and an increased deficit the Trustee board was looking for increased deficit reduction contributions.

Helping with the challenges of running a DB Scheme – Working to agree long-term objectives

27.3.20  |  Case Studies

The sponsor, a global fast-food chain, has a small UK pension scheme for head office staff only, involving approximately £30m assets under management, with all scheme related matters being managed by its US-based parent.

Helping with the challenges of running a DB Scheme – difficult valuation exercise

27.3.20  |  Case Studies

The trustees and sponsoring employer of a defined benefit scheme with c. £300m assets under management and a membership of c.3,000, were about to embark on the next actuarial valuation.

Helping with the challenges of running a DB Scheme – mentoring lay trustees

27.3.20  |  Case Studies

We were approached by the sponsor for a poorly funded scheme with significant legacy issues; they wished to move the trustee board for the pension scheme to a sole trusteeship model in order to improve governance.

Helping with the challenges of running a DB Scheme – provider review

27.3.20  |  Case Studies

A multi–national firm with a scheme membership of c.10,000 and assets under management of c. £1bn, was receiving a “full service” i.e. administration, actuarial and investment consulting from a single provider.